Sidnei da Silva wrote:
Oh, if I'm allowed to speak *wink*, it would be great if in this
refactoring 'zrpc' could be made to work with less dependencies.
I'm using 'zrpc' on a project and it was a pain to implement a
minimally working application because it depended on a few convoluted
steps to setup, some of which could be trivially removed.

One way or another, I think Jim's refactoring would simplify this,
even if it's not a explicitly stated goal.

I'm a bit curious why you are using zrpc rather than one of the many
Python RPC mechanisms.  I never intended having something that was used
outside of ZEO and I'm not interested in satisfying non-ZEO use cases.
That's not to say I want to prevent you from using it, I'm just curious
why you are.  ZEO uses it because it is so small, although maybe it's
not so small that ZEO shouldn't use something else.

If something isn't an explicitly stated goal, it's not likely
to happen. :)


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