Am 4. September 2007, 16:17:27 Uhr schrieb Jim Fulton:

> I would very much like to see an open indexing+querying framework for  
> Python objects.  I'm thinking of something *like* an SQL engine that  
> allowed one to plug in relation and index implementations and that  
> took queries in some form, optimized them and executing them using  
> the given index and relations.

We plan to realize three things important to us:

- We don't want indexing on application-level (e.g. application-specific)
- We want ad-hoc queries
- We don't want to rely on transforming the data into a relational model

My tutor is Christian Theune here at gocept.

My ZODB experience is quite low, I'm just getting started. Bear with any 
questions I come up, please.

The thesis will be written in my native language german, but we plan to 
translate it afterwards in english.
Sebastian Wehrmann

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