On Wednesday 05 September 2007 11:00, Christian Theune wrote:
> b) provide a low-level query API that is rich enough to let different
> query processors e.g. for SQL, xpath, ... work against them.

Having thought about this problem domain too (see my old work on ZOQLMethod), 
there is a big difference between relational- and tree-based querying. I 
wonder whether you can get both covered -- would be awesome though. :-)

I would definitely be interested in seeing public discussion about the 
approach here. Some random thoughts that you probably know already:

* The storage of indices should be pluggable like the ZODB. This would allow 
backends like pyLucene, BTree-based ones or even relational databases.

* One of the big problems right now is that there is no efficient way to do 
inverses of searches. I think some time should be spent doing this.

* I really like the API of hurry.query. I would love to see something like it 
as the backend for querying languages.

I am really looking forward to what you will come up with!

Stephan Richter
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