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Likely but I don#t know how to setup my instance in order to make the
copied instance making use of mounted catalog.

What about creating a Plone site with a FileStorage.
Then mount a subfolder into PGStorage say

then you could see create af older /Plone/new_folder and dump buncha
content and paste it into /Plone/foo_folder and paste it into
/Plone/some_folder and see the difference?

If there is a benefit..what would be arguments for running a mixed setup?

My understanding is that each object in a catalog (Plone has 3 cataogs)
has numerous other objects associated with it.  Something like:

each record in a catalog may have an object for each index/metadata
attribute you are capturing.  and possibly a few others.  Each catalog
entries contain ts of object per object being indexed.    That is my

That would be an artificial test. You basically want to keep your data in one storage type - in this case either Filestorage or PGStorage. Why no mix? For an application like Plone the catalog is as important as the data. You don#t want to lose data during production. Reindexing can be very expensive and possibly causes a longer down time. On the other hand you don't want run two different storage types at the same time - one point of failure more. Copy and paste of a whole is likely not the common usecase but burst writes as in this particular case appear to be very slow with PGStorage.


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