Tim Cook wrote:
On Mon, 2008-06-02 at 15:45 +0200, Martijn Faassen wrote:

Lots documentation on the ZODB is available, scattered around the web.
Let's gather it into one place for starters.

So, please, someone actually do something about this rotten situation?
Finally? Please? Please?



P.S. This is not a complaint to all the people who are doing something.
We just need a bit of effort from some more people to get this done.

I'm feeling some guilt pangs here.  :-)

I benefit from Zope and the ZODB especially.  I know that I am a little
better at PR than I am at the deep technical aspects (not very good) so
I will initially gather (I already have lots of bookmarks) all the info
I can find and start building something coherent out of it. Can I have a
few minutes of attention to emails now and then from experts?

Of course. Tech people are good at finding faults in documentation, but not good at writing documentation.

I am NOT good at the flashy layout and graphics stuff that attracts the
attention of people.  I will needs some help in that respect.  But I can
organize information into something that new-comers can learn from.

We already have a complete design with proper layouts on new.zope.org. We just need more content.


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