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Christian Theune wrote:
this might be interesting to ZODB users and developers:

What I find interesting is that Python has had such a thing for about a decade (the ZODB), and a mostly vaporware announcement in the Ruby world makes such a splash.

i dont think you can compare ZODB to gemstone's products. i've looked at both over the last few months with a decent level of depth and the gemstone from a programmer's standpoint is infintately easier to use. no special classes, no nothing really. just put anything persistent in a global dictionary and blam its done. pull it back out and there it is again, object pointers fully intact. store in 2 different directories, modify in one, blam! modified in the other.

ZODB is great but it isnt gemstone's product.

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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