This is my last emission for tonight.

I would be using ZODB as a nice little package if it was one.

There should be nothing else but


Instead, there is

    ZODB3   (zlibstorage)

and what I might have forgotton.

There is also
which I think is very usefull and general-purpose, and I wan to keep it,
also I will try to push it into standard CPython.

So, while all the packages are not really large, there are too many namespaces
touched, and things like "Zope Enterprize Objects" are not meant to be here
as open source pretending modules which the user never asked for.

I think these things could be re-packed into a common namespace
and be made simpler. Even zope.interface could be removed from
this intended-to-be user-friendly simple package.

So while the amount of code is astonishingly small, the amount of
abstraction layering tells the reader that this was never really meant to
be small.

And this makes average, simple-minded users like me shy away and go
back to simpler modules like Durus.

But the latter has serious other pitfalls, which made me want to re-package
ZODB into something small, pretty, tool-ish, versatile thing for the pocket.

Actually I'm trying to re-map ZOPE to the simplistic Durus interface,
without its short-comings and lack of support.
I think a successfully down-scaled, isolated package with ZODB's
great implementation, but a more user-oriented interface would
help ZODB a lot to get widely accepted and incorporated into very
many projects.
Right now people are just too much concerned of implicit complication which
actually does not exist.

I volunteer to start such a project. Proposing the name "david", as opposed
to "goliath".

cheers -- chris

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