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On 07/22/2013 09:15 AM, Stephan Richter wrote:
I agree, this could be part of ZODB and it would be fine.
Splitting out BTrees was a conscious decision to serve two goals:

- - Allow evolving it (in particular, the work to port it to Py3k / PyPy)
   without stalling on the larger ZODB project.  For ongoing work, it is
   useful to be able to release a fix for a BTrees-only bug without needing
   to release ZODB.

- - Allow projects which use BTrees (as base classes or attributes) to be
   tested without needing to install all of ZODB.

I consider both of those concerns still important, and so am -1 on
re-absorbing BTrees into ZODB.

Yes, I understand this intention and see no problem:
Just the namespace might be ZODB.Btrees which would not change
the split. They would still live alone, separate projects.

This is just plugged in, like zlibstorage (if it were not ZODB3 ;-) )

Minor point, anyway ;-)

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