On Sunday, July 21, 2013 06:12:34 AM Christian Tismer wrote:
>      BTrees

I agree, this could be part of ZODB and it would be fine.

>      persistent
>      transaction
>      zc.lockfile
>      zdaemon
>      zope.interface

These are all very useful outside the context of ZODB and I use them without 

>      zc.zlibstorage

This is an add-on that I do not necessarily use, since I do not deal with 
large amounts of data.

>      ZConfig

In my opinion this is a relic from the times before configparser existed. It is 
also used by other projects outside of ZODB.

>      ZEO

This is separate for historical reasons. I agree it could be merged into the 
ZODB project these days.

>      ZODB3   (zlibstorage)

Well, this package is deprecated. It is available for backward-compatibility.

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