I can answer for IBM WebSphere MQ,

" Installation of WebSphere MQ is supported in Global and non-Global Whole Root zone environments.", please read the link below for more info.


While I'm here, as WebSphere MQ offers a single point of failure, you may want to also consider Sun Cluster. Currently with SC 3.1 08/05 you can deploy WMQ v5.3 and v6.0.1 into separate whole root "failover" zones using the Sun Cluster Data Service for Solaris Containers together with the Sun Cluster Data Service for WebSphere MQ.

An interesting option with Sun Cluster is a single node cluster providing a restart of WebSphere MQ if the app has failed or is wedged within the Global or non-Global Whole Root zone. Of course further protection against SPOFs are had when more than one node is used within Sun Cluster.

Finally, the above applies to S10 + SC 3.1 08/05 on SPARC (v5.3 & v6.0.1) and x86-64 (WMQ v6.0.1 only).


Wences Michel wrote:


IHAC that wants to migrate to Solaris 10, I have told them that the following applications they are running are supported on Solaris 10, but they want to know if they are supported in zones. Has anyone found or seen any issues running these apps in zones? Who do I should I contact to found out if these apps are supported in zones?

IBM WebSphere MQ 5.3 and 6.0 IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment 6.0.2 Oracle 10g with RAC
IBM HTTP Server known as I.H.S. the version that ships with the app
BEA WebLogic 8.1 or 9.0 Enterprise.



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