I think most of your comments were addressed in my response to
Jeff but I did want to make sure one thing was clear.

Mike Gerdts wrote:
On 6/27/06, Jeff Victor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
4) Aliases: The notion of aliases also creates redundant output which could be confusing. I like the simplification of aliases as described, but I wish I had a good solution that wouldn't break existing tools that parse "zonecfg info" output
- if such tools exist.

Because key features are missing from zones, I have been writing
scripts that sometimes parse the output of "zonecfg info".  Changing
this format stands a good chance of breaking my scripts.  It sounds
like if I set pool and rctl resources, they would still be displayed
as rctl and not translated to the syntax associated with temporary
pools.  Is this correct?

Yes, we considered lots of alternatives but we wanted to make sure
that any scripts would continue to work.  So, if your scripts are setting
or looking at the rctl entries, then they should continue to work,
even if you also start to use the new resources.

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