Oracle 10g with RAC is not supported inside local zones.  See the Oracle 
metalink note 317257.1, excerpts below.

"Oracle RAC does not work in non-global Solaris 10 Containers."


7.1 Oracle RAC

An Oracle RAC installation is composed of several nodes, shared storage, and a 
private interconnect. A local Solaris Container cannot be used as an Oracle RAC 
node, mainly because of the following two reasons:

Cluster manager: One of the software components that must be present in a RAC 
installation is a cluster manager. The cluster manager is responsible for 
isolating failed systems from the shared storage,to avoid corruption of data, 
and enabling communication between nodes in the cluster via a private 
interconnect. In order to use local Solaris Containers as RAC nodes the cluster 
manager would need to become capable of managing local Containers. As of this 
writing no cluster solution is capable of using local containers as cluster 
members or nodes.

Oracle RAC VIP: Another limitation to running Oracle RAC in local Solaris 
Container is the Virtual IP. Oracle RAC uses a virtual interface in each node 
to distribute client connections to all the active nodes in the cluster. When a 
node (node A) leaves the cluster one of the other active members of the cluster 
(node B) will take over its virtual IP address by bringing up an extra virtual 
interface with the IP address used by node A. In this way node B will service 
all new connections sent to node A until node A re-joins the cluster. For 
security reasons, a local Container does not have the privileges required for 
managing virtual interfaces. Therefore, the VIP mechanism used by Oracle RAC 
conflicts with the local container security limitations.
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