Hi there -

   Thanks for all the responses; Just for the benefit of others,
   below is the compiled responses for differentiating
   sparse and whole root zones:

   Basically, to look for the four default inherit-pkg-dir in the zonepath


   ~ In case of a sparse root zone above are mounted read-only from the
      global zone and usually can not write into them

~ In case of whole-root you wouldnt see the above instances in the zonepath
      and also /usr or /lib are writeable


De Mena, Ron wrote:

The four that should be restricted from write are /usr, /lib, /platform,

/etc & /var should never be inherited.

-- Ron
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Padmalatha S wrote On 08/17/06 08:34,:
Hi there -

   I'b been wanting to know this for while now.
   Is there any simple method to know or classify
   on a host which is running zones as which is
   sparse and which is whole-root?

   The zone names are very generic and doesnt give
   a clue; so, I'm interested in knowing:

   ? Possible[simple] method to know from the global
      zone itself

Mounts will show this. A zone's /usr, /lib will be in the zonepath

   ? If not from global zone, atleast a possible[simple]
      method to know the same after getting into local zones

I non-global zone can not (maybe should not) be able to tell via a
command. But if you can write to /lib, /usr, etc you know you are not
lofs read-only mounted for those file systems, and thus not sparse.


Thanks Ahead,
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