Having built the second revision of the Run-Time Platform Solaris, I went on to 
install zones.

Effectively it turns out that if I were to satisfy all the dependencies, I 
would effectively have to install more or less the entire X windowing 

Zone packages end up needing other packages, which end up needing the SUNWj5rt 

SUNWj5rt needs a whole bunch of X-windows packages, such as SUNWxwplt and the 

which personally I find insane and totally against my goal to build a run-time 
platform that is as lean and as flexible as possible.

Why do zone packages and eventually their dependencies like the pool package 
end up needing Java? As soon as Java is in the game, I can forget a lean and 
mean run-time platform. Java belongs in the middleware layer, not in the core 
operating system layer.

Is this a bug? Can this be fixed? When can it be fixed? This is in Solaris 10 
6/06, and most likely in Solaris 10 1/06 as well.

It is simply insane that I have to install Java and X-windows software to get 
zone functionality, i.e. satisfy package dependencies.
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