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zones-discuss 08/16 - 08/31

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     10       Installing zones: insane dependencies
      9       zones & databases
      8       improved zones/RM integration
      8       correct procedure to shutdown zones
      6       extensive packet loss when zones are booted
      5       question on zones and OS level
      5       minimal os/sw install in global zone and different in non-global
      5       Global/Non-Global Zone CPU Resource Fixed Allocation Conflict (?)
      4       rcapd to limit RAM usage of a zone
      4       definition of smf services running in a zone
      4       How to possibly identify whole-root/sparse
      4       Hmm ... tmpfs in zone?
      4       Creating a zone with the -b option
      3       zones and inodes
      3       question about zones status check. thanks
      3       Zones and cpu-shares
      2       zone stuck in 'mounted' state
      2       Veritas devices in zones
      2       I want to know if I can export the raw device node to the 
non-global zone
      1       questions about local zone backup and restore
      1       lofs of NFS client mountpoint into non-global zone
      1       Zone Backups and NetBackup
      1       The system scheduler parameter setting issue under non-global zone
      1       TTY devices in a zone?
      1       Solaris 10 Screencasts
      1       Global/Non-Global Zone CPU Resource Fixed
      1       Compiled Responses: How to possibly identify whole-root/sparse
      1       BP for Backup and Monitoring

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      4       peter.wilk at (peter wilk)
      4       gary.pennington at (gary pennington)
      3       rasputnik at (dick davies)
      3       jeanmarc.lacoste at (marlanne delasource)
      3       ajneil at (alastair neil)
      2       rjcisip at (j)
      2       pk1048 at (paul kraus)
      2       phcolaris at (philip)
      2       padmalatha.shamanna at (padmalatha s)
      2       johnhl_2000 at (qiang liu)
      2       jhm at (jan hendrik mangold)
      2       jamesd.wi at (james dickens)
      2       james.d.carlson at (james carlson)
      2       ihsan.zaghmouth at (ihsan zaghmouth)
      2       chunhuan.shen at (chun-huan freesia shen)
      2       christine.tran at (christine tran)
      2       carisdad at (carisdad)
      1       tripivceta at (unix admin)
      1       scott.dickson at (scott dickson - systems engineer)
      1       ron.demena at (de mena, ron)
      1       rmilkowski at (robert milkowski)
      1       przemolicc at ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
      1       philc at (phil cordier)
      1       pfreund at (phil freund)
      1       peter at (peter guthrie)
      1       penny.cotten at (penelope cotten)
      1       opensolaris at (ml)
      1       nils.nieuwejaar at (nils nieuwejaar)
      1       nicholas.senedzuk at (nicholas senedzuk)
      1       michael.barrett at (michael barrett)
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