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zones-discuss 09/16 - 09/30

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     13       nofiles(descriptors) 1000
      8       Cost to Manage Solaris Containers vs. Just Global Zone?
      6       Convert sparse root to full root zone without reinstall?
      5       Solaris Express?
      5       SAP Java in Sparse Zone
      4       zones network documentation redux
      4       problem with all new zones
      3       zones, network and routing
      3       solaris 10 rc script debugging
      3       running sol8 on a zone?
      3       Upgrading Solaris 10 with configured zones
      3       Specifying cpu id's in a DRM pool?
      3       Slice limits with zones
      3       I'm dancin' in the streets
      3       Devices in a local zone.....
      3       CPU Caps design and implementation notes
      2       zone reboot question
      2       cannot zlogin into zone
      2       Zone questions with VXFS..
      2       /etc/zones/index content
      1       zone question
      1       shutdown zones with random characters
      1       apache2 solaris 10 zone SSL
      1       add an 'inherit-pkg' to an existing zone. Can this be done?
      1       [[today's email storm]]
      1       [Fwd: Design review of IP Instances part of Crossbow]
      1       Overview (rollup) of recent activity on zones-discuss
      1       Is it possible to copy solaris 10 Zones from one server to 
another server
      1       Design review of IP Instances part of Crossbow
      1       A zone's project and pool associations

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      7       james.d.carlson at (james carlson)
      5       spectre at (nergal dimitri)
      5       pk1048 at (paul kraus)
      5       jeff.victor at (jeff victor)
      5       brian.kolaci at (brian kolaci)
      5       al at (al hopper)
      4       steffen.weiberle at (steffen weiberle)
      4       dp at (dan price)
      4       casper.dik at ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
      4       carisdad at (carisdad)
      3       jhm at (jan hendrik mangold)
      3       andreas.koppenhoefer at (andreas koppenhoefer)
      2       pfreund at (phil freund)
      2       jaycalaus at (jay calaus)
      2       gerald.jelinek at (jerry jelinek)
      2       erik.nordmark at (erik nordmark)
      2       apurins at (atis purins)
      2       anantha.srirama at (anantha n. srirama)
      1       zoram.thanga at (zoram thanga)
      1       weeyeh at (wee yeh tan)
      1       unixconsole at (octave orgeron)
      1       simon.redmill at (simon redmill)
      1       seng-quee.liang at (seng-quee.liang)
      1       rich.teer at (rich teer)
      1       renaud.manus at (renaud manus)
      1       peter.wilk at (peter wilk)
      1       penny.cotten at (penelope cotten)
      1       nils.nieuwejaar at (nils nieuwejaar)
      1       nickus at (niclas sodergard)
      1       mgerdts at (mike gerdts)
      1       markus.doehr at 
      1       mark.mulligan at (mark mulligan)
      1       mads at (mads toftum)
      1       lianep at ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
      1       jfisher at (josh fisher)
      1       jason.gallagher at (jason gallagher)
      1       irlando.barros at (irlando barros)
      1       ihsan.zaghmouth at (ihsan zaghmouth)
      1       david.bevans at (dave bevans)
      1       carisdad at (andy rumer)
      1       akolb at (alexander kolbasov)

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