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zones-discuss 11/01 - 11/15

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     32       Design review of IP Instances part of Crossbow
     14       PSARC/2006/598 Swap resource control; locked memory RM 
      8       Restart: PSARC/2006/598 Swap resource control; locked memory RM 
      4       zone UUID in older releases
      4       improved zones/RM integration
      4       What is the proceess to change the physical net to an already 
working zone?
      4       BrandZ and IP instances]
      3       zone creation
      3       [Fwd: Reminder: Design review of IP Instances part of Crossbow]]
      3       [Fwd: Local Zone Awareness Application List]
      3       Zones and multiple IP address
      3       Oracle in zones vs SunCluster HA oracle
      2       zfs receive into zone?
      2       fsck during zones boot ?
      2       Zone's FAQ for patches is useless and should be
      2       ZFS moving from one zone to another
      2       Design review of IP I
      1       error installing zone
      1       [Fwd: Code review for IP Instances]
      1       Zones and netbackup
      1       Zones and VLAN tagging.
      1       Zone for intranet and internet on same S10 zone host.
      1       RH3U8 install failure in a branded zone
      1       Mounting disk from local zone after failover
      1       Commands to identify Zone type

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      6       david.comay at (david comay)
      5       gerald.jelinek at (jerry jelinek)
      5       darren.moffat at (darren j moffat)
      4       darren.reed at (darren reed)
      3       roshan.perera at (roshan perera)
      3       peter.memishian at (peter memishian)
      3       mgerdts at (mike gerdts)
      3       gww at (gary winiger)
      3       edward.pilatowicz at (edward pilatowicz)
      2       iwan.rahabok at (iwan rahabok)
      2       dp at (dan price)
      2       christine.tran at (christine tran)
      1       zoram.thanga at (zoram thanga)
      1 at (wynne wang)
      1       ulf.bjorklund at (=?utf-8?q?ulf_bj=c3=b6rklund?=)
      1       steffen.weiberle at (steffen weiberle)
      1       sbdrolet at (simon-bernard drolet)
      1       rich.pedano at (rich pedano)
      1       pradhap.devarajan at (pradhap devarajan)
      1       palowoda at (bob palowoda)
      1       nicholas.senedzuk at (nicholas senedzuk)
      1       matthew.ahrens at (matthew ahrens)
      1 at (madhu k r)
      1       jeanmarc.lacoste at (marlanne delasource)
      1       ian.matchett at (ian matchett)
      1       greg.edwards at (gregory edwards - software support)
      1       detlef.ulherr at (detlef ulherr - sun client solutions 
germany - frankfurt)
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