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   website-discuss didn't "make the cut", but in previous periods it did.

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zones-discuss 03/01 - 03/15

Size of all threads during period:

Thread size     Topic
-----------     -----
     18       Patching problem with whole root zones
     13       Zone start order
      7       Zone in mounted state
      7       Patching for zones with own /usr
      5       V440/Zones Capacity
      5       Cross-hardware zone moves
      4       zonemgr implicit policy enforcement?
      4       top for zones?
      4       ZoneMgr Survey: 2pkg or not 2pkg... that is the
      3       zoneadm attach enhancement
      3       Supported way to get setuid/setgid in inherit-pkg-dir filesystems?
      3       SSH port-forwarding into zone
      3       SOA (was: Zone start order)
      2       zones do not autoboot after mirroring
      2       strange: I can't login to host , but I can login its zone, same 
ip subnet
      2       non-superuser issue with NFS and Zones
      2       [Fwd: virtual interfaces in non-global zone ?]
      2       ZoneMgr Survey: 2pkg or not 2pkg... that is the question...
      2       Question about Compatibility of using a Zpool with a Solaris Zone
      2       QFS + zones
      2       OpenVPN in NGZ
      2       NFS server in zones
      2       CPU caps are in Nevada
      1       packages and inherit-pkg-dir
      1       ZoneMgr Presentation...
      1       Reminder to vote in the OpenSolaris elections
      1       Individual Zone reboots vs Global Server reboots
      1       E4900 + 4 zones

Posting activity by person for period:

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----------   --------------------------------------------------
      7       jeff.victor at sun.com (jeff victor)
      6       enda.oconnor at sun.com (enda o'connor ( sun micro systems 
      5       zonemgr at sun.com (brad diggs)
      5       pfreund at kichler.com (phil freund)
      5       enda.oconnor at sun.com (enda o'connor)
      5       dp at eng.sun.com (dan price)
      4       james.d.carlson at sun.com (james carlson)
      3       mgerdts at gmail.com (mike gerdts)
      3       gerald.jelinek at sun.com (jerry jelinek)
      3       david.comay at sun.com (david comay)
      3       cjs at cjs226.com (clif smith)
      3       christine.tran at sun.com (christine tran)
      2       weeyeh at gmail.com (wee yeh tan)
      2       warren.belfer at sun.com (the real warren belfer)
      2       sivakumar at sun.com (sivakumar shanmugasundaram)
      2       sch at sun.com (stephen hahn)
      2       rjhb at bb-c.de (rainer j. h. brandt)
      2       paul.davis at sun.com (paul davis)
      2       oz at somanetworks.com (ozan s. yigit)
      2       mail at lutzsteinbach.de (lutz steinbach)
      2       james.mauro at sun.com (jim mauro)
      1       zemplar at gmail.com (wes williams)
      1       william.hathaway at versatile.com (william d. hathaway)
      1       ulf.bjorklund at gmail.com (=?utf-8?q?ulf_bj=c3=b6rklund?=)
      1       tony.ambrozie at gmail.com (tony ambrozie)
      1       steffen.weiberle at sun.com (steffen weiberle)
      1       steeles at gmail.com (steeles)
      1       shivani.khosa at sun.com (shivani khosa)
      1       sarah.jelinek at sun.com (sarah jelinek)
      1       rodney.lindner at sun.com (rodney lindner)
      1       robert.bailey at mac.com (robert bailey)
      1       rich.teer at rite-group.com (rich teer)
      1       renaud.manus at sun.com (renaud manus)
      1       rayrayson at gmail.com (rayson ho)
      1       rafael.leon at sun.com (rafa)
      1       peter.wilk at sun.com (peter wilk)
      1       peter.van.gemert at accenture.com (peter van gemert)
      1       peter.memishian at sun.com (peter memishian)
      1       opensolaris at jaxcon.net (ed pate)
      1       nicolas.williams at sun.com (nicolas williams)
      1       morris.hooten at sun.com (morris hooten - sls business 
      1       mbarto at logiqwest.com (michael barto)
      1       matty91 at gmail.com (matty)
      1       mads at toftum.dk (mads toftum)
      1       lists at mcintyreweb.com (hugh mcintyre)
      1       john.clingan at sun.com (john clingan)
      1       jfisher at ecimln.com (josh fisher)
      1       jcaron1 at sun.com (jim caron - it strategy and governance)
      1       ivan.buetler at csnc.ch (ivan buetler)
      1       gael.martinez at gmail.com (gael)
      1       enda.oconnor at sun.com (endao'connor)
      1       bradley.diggs at sun.com (brad diggs)
      1       amol.chiplunkar at sun.com (amol chiplunkar)
      1       akolb at eng.sun.com (alexander kolbasov)
      1       ahl at eng.sun.com (adam leventhal)

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