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zones-discuss 03/16 - 03/31

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     14       DHCP Server in zone, WAS: Install software from SXCE DVD?
      9       Any plans for a "Vmotion-like" Zone migration tool?
      8       non-global zone sees /usr/local/bin
      7       Zones on large ZFS filesystems
      5       Zone Cloning issues
      5       [Fwd: nobody owns $HOME]
      5       Containers in practice =?UTF-8?B?4oCTIHBsZWFz?= 
      4       zones & databases
      4       file sharing between nonglobal zones?
      4       Patching for zones with own /usr
      3       duplicating zones from one server in one location to another 
      3       Getting local zones patches back in sync with the global
      2       zoneadmd isn't aware of fs-local or visa versa?
      2       syslog thinks it's loghost but it's not
      2       lu* commands in zone install WAS: Flash Archives vs backup
      2       [Fwd: virtual interfaces in non-global zone ?]
      2       Zones, Patching and Flash Archive
      2       What is the proper procedure to patch zones?
      2       Que: Zones and HP Openview support
      2       Problem with zones and resource manager pools
      2       Oracle (non RAC) and zones best practices
      2       Idea for Zlogin
      2       DBI and DBD::mysql zone Install
      1       heads up that 119254-36 119255-36 ( patchadd patch )has been 
      1       [EMAIL PROTECTED]: JDS CBE brandz build environment]
      1       Using SAN Backup for Non Global Zones application data
      1       Problem with lack of closed port response on zones

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      8       jeff.victor at (jeff victor)
      5       nickus at (niclas sodergard)
      4       peter.memishian at (peter memishian)
      4       gerald.jelinek at (jerry jelinek)
      3       weeyeh at (wee yeh tan)
      3       rdhalstead at (ron halstead)
      3       mgerdts at (mike gerdts)
      3       mark.huff at (mark huff)
      3       jill.manfield at (jill manfield)
      3       gael.martinez at (gael)
      3       dp at (dan price)
      2       william.hathaway at (william d. hathaway)
      2       rivera01 at (david)
      2       rich.teer at (rich teer)
      2       rich.pedano at (rich pedano)
      2       rayrayson at (rayson ho)
      2       nils.nieuwejaar at (nils nieuwejaar)
      2       lloy0076 at (david lloyd)
      2       krzys at (krzys)
      2       jim.nissen at (jim nissen)
      2       james.d.carlson at (james carlson)
      2       enda.oconnor at (enda o'connor)
      2       enda.oconnor at (enda o'connor ( sun micro systems 
      2       casper.dik at (casper dik)
      1       zonemgr at (brad diggs)
      1       unixconsole at (octave orgeron)
      1       ulf.bjorklund at (=?utf-8?q?ulf_bj=c3=b6rklund?=)
      1       steffen.weiberle at (steffen weiberle)
      1       sommerfeld at (bill sommerfeld)
      1       simon.redmill at (simon redmill)
      1       scott_kaiser at (scott kaiser)
      1       rodney.lindner at (rodney lindner)
      1       prashant.srinivasan at (prashant srinivasan)
      1       pfreund at (phil freund)
      1       penny.cotten at (penelope cotten)
      1       paul.inisian at (paul inisian)
      1       mheimel at (mario heimel)
      1       mbarto at (michael barto)
      1       kvanderhart at (kevin van der hart)
      1       jeff.savit at (jeff savit)
      1       jay.sisodiya at (jaydeepsingh sisodiya)
      1       gaede at (steve gaede)
      1       fpaquett at (francois paquette)
      1       erik.nordmark at (erik nordmark)
      1       enda.oconnor at (endao'connor)
      1       edward.pilatowicz at (edward pilatowicz)
      1       dave.miner at (dave miner)
      1       craig.payne at (craig payne)
      1       christine.tran at (christine tran)
      1       andrew_blatt at (andrew blatt)
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