> Jens Elkner writes:

> I assume by "11/06" you mean the next S10 Update
> release, right?

> If so, then no, it won't have the fix.  The deadline
> for adding
> features to that release passed ages ago.  It's been
> in testing since
> then.

> In general, if you want new features quickly, you'll
> want to use
> Solaris Express.

Yes, actually I really wanna use Express (since Sol 10 software is pretty much 
out of date - especially GNOME). But unfortunately it is not supported by SUN 
so no chance to use it ... :((((

BTW: Found a workaround (at least for my case): 
pkginfo | awk '{ print $2 }' | grep SUNWstaroffice 

This reduced the zone size from ~ 950 to ~ 520 MB and the zone install time 
from ~ 20 to 14 min.

Any objections against this workaround ?
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