> Solaris Express is supported.  You can buy support
> contracts on it.
> See
> http://www.sun.com/software/solaris/solaris-express/
> It's just not supported in exactly the same way as
> S10.

Ahh, ok. I called my SUN contact, which suggested not to use Express on 
production machines (and installation every 6 month for servers might be a 
little bit too hard). Anyway, he'll find out the details, and if it is ok, I'll 
probably try to make people happy by jumpstarting it to client workstations  

> None, except that it depends on an implementation
> detail and thus
> might stop working at any time and _may_ interfere
> with upgrade.

OK. Hope, it doesn't change (the only option, which is left:().

BTW: Extended the approach and now I'm down to ~ 220 MB (from ~ 950MB) and ~ 3 
min (from ~ 20min) zone install time without giving up the stuff I/somebody 
[might usually] need. 
In case someone is interessted in it, I attach the "strip-down-howto" doc, I 
wrote for my admin team.
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