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Steve Lawrence wrote:
Given a lack of supportive feedback, I'm going to revoke the proposed amendment below. To mitigate a zone admin setting a problematic swap limit on the global
zone, we will enhance zonecfg to:

        1. Print a warning when setting swap (and lwp) limits on the global
           zone.  Since the swap limit will not go into effect until reboot,
           the admin has a change to modify his setting before it takes

        2. Enforce a reasonable minimum when setting swap (and lwp) limits
           on the global zone.
What is the definition of reasonable ?  I think that being a
default should be part of the case.

I'm not sure what your second sentence means.  As for the first, how about:

I thought that what you meant was an actual number or percentage
of the total available system swap.  Hence why I though it was a
default value worthy of being part of the interfaces this case

reasonable minimum:  The amount of resource neccessary to boot a zone that
is has a default installation and configuration.

My "minimum", I do not mean the system default value.  For example, for
the following rctl, 128 is the system default value:

# prctl -n project.max-shm-ids $$
process: 425781: -sh
NAME    PRIVILEGE       VALUE    FLAG   ACTION                       RECIPIENT
        privileged        128       -   deny                                 -
        system          16.8M     max   deny                                 -

zone.max-swap will not have a system default value.  By default, every zone
will have access to all swap available on the system.


By minimum, I mean the minimum that zonecfg will allow you to set.

zonecfg> add capped memory
zonecfg:capped memory> set zone.max-swap=1K
Error, minimum value for zone.max-swap is ###

Where does the ### come from.  I think I'm missing something here.

Darren J Moffat
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