Hi experts

Is there anyway we can mount /var and /opt in a zone in a separate filesystem, noting that /var and /opt within a zone is not empty. I had tried assigning zpool devices to the zone like this:

#zfs create diskpool c0t0d0
#zfs create diskpool/web
#zfs create diskpool/web/var

#zonecfg -z web
#zonecfg:web> add fs
#zonecfg:web> set dir=/var
#zonecfg:web> special=diskpool/web/var
#zonecfg:web> set type=zfs
#zonecfg:web> end
#zonecfg:web> exit

When I tried to verify and install the zone, it gives an error saying /opt and /var can't be created and verified. Any ideas how can we achieve this feat??

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