sorry for taking so long to answer - christmas time ;-)
That problem is exactly Bug 6449301. The workaround is to "add fs" after the zones installation.


On 12/21/06 22:21, Brad Diggs wrote:
Hello Detlef,

What I want to do is add a new non-gobal zone where the
initial zone config includes a legacy mode zfs filesystem.
If the zfs filesystem exists but is not mounted, when you
install the zone, you get an error similar to the following:

Preparing to install zone <m1>.
ERROR: No such file or directory: cannot mount
</data/zones/m1/root/zfstest> in non-global zone to install: the source
block device or directory <backup/zfstest> cannot be accessed
ERROR: cannot setup zone <m1> inherited and configured file systems
ERROR: cannot setup zone <m1> file systems inherited and configured from
the global zone
ERROR: cannot create zone boot environment <m1>
zoneadm: zone 'm1': '/usr/lib/lu/lucreatezone' failed with exit code 74.
Error: Zone installation failed, return value: 0

I want to know if there are specific steps that I can
incorporate into my zonemgr script to enable this without
having to wait until the zone is created and add the zfs
filesystem as a second step.

Thanks in advance,

On Thu, 2006-12-21 at 10:42 +0100, Detlef Drewanz wrote:

I am not sure what you are trying to achieve, but
lists the ways that are possible, if you want to bring a global Zones ZFS into 
a zone

1. Look for "Adding ZFS File Systems to a Non-Global Zone" and please note the text in the comment after that !

2. Another way would be to just create a loopback mount into a zone.
e.g.: mount global-zone:/zoneshare in a zone as local-zone:/zoneshare

in zonecfg:
add fs
set type=lofs
set dir=/zoneshare
set special=/zoneshare
set options=rw

I assume you mean 1., but 2. also works.


On 12/20/06 17:25, Brad Diggs wrote:


To be specific, do you mean that within the global zone, you have
to do the following:
1. Add the zfs filesystem as legacy filesystem.
2. Manually add entry into /etc/vfstab (please provide example as I don't see one anywhere).
3. Mount the zfs filesystem in the global zone.
4. Create the zone with the legacy mode zfs (type=zfs) as a part
   of the zone config.
5. Install the zone.
6. Umount the zfs filesystem from the global zone.

Is that about it?  If you will provide of a working vfstab entry,
I will try it out here in my lab.

Thanks in advance,

On Wed, 2006-12-20 at 16:47 +0100, Detlef Drewanz wrote:

I think you have to mount the zfs as legacy mount point via /etc/vfstab, before you can "add fs" this to a zone.
(I remember that I've seen this in the manual, but have'nt tried this by 


On 12/20/06 14:06, Shawn LEE C.H. wrote:


thks for the reply...

Actually, i tried both, still cannot...with / and without

Ivan Buetler wrote:

My hint:

Missing / in zonecfg:web>
instead of
#zonecfg:web> special=diskpool/web/var

#zonecfg:web> special=/diskpool/web/var


On Wednesday 20 December 2006 10:53, Shawn LEE C. H. wrote:

Hi experts

Is there anyway we can mount /var and /opt in a zone in a separate
filesystem, noting that /var and /opt within a zone is not empty. I had
tried assigning zpool devices to the zone like this:

#zfs create diskpool c0t0d0
#zfs create diskpool/web
#zfs create diskpool/web/var

#zonecfg -z web
#zonecfg:web> add fs
#zonecfg:web> set dir=/var
#zonecfg:web> special=diskpool/web/var
#zonecfg:web> set type=zfs
#zonecfg:web> end
#zonecfg:web> exit

When I tried to verify and install the zone, it gives an error saying
/opt and /var can't be  created and verified. Any ideas how can we
achieve this feat??


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