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I have a customer using SOL 10 1/06 on a development box, needs to control
Hardware resource allocation for software licensing.  Wants to create
container/zone, with a separate /var.  Also wants to know about shared
packages for creating minimal or sparse zone. Using VxVM and Vxfs, needs

to know if using vxvm vxfs in non-global zone causes any issues.

Does anyone have any information on this.

I can't speak to the VxVM / Vxfs but creating a sparse zone is as simple as
using 'create -b' instead of the usual 'create' in zonecfg.

Take a look at http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/819-2450/6mhahuokl?a=viewfor
resource capping.  We use it for software (Oracle) licensing reasons
well, to limit a particular zone to 4 CPUs.

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