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I have a customer using SOL 10 1/06 on a development box, needs to control Hardware resource allocation for software licensing. Wants to create container/zone, with a separate /var. Also wants to know about shared packages for creating minimal or sparse zone. Using VxVM and Vxfs, needs to know if using vxvm vxfs in non-global zone causes any issues.

I am not a Veritas administrator, but two things to consider.

Volume managers would prefer access to devices, and by default you only have that in the global zone. The (well, my) best practice is to keep volume management in the GZ, so VxVM would stay there.

If you pass a device on to a non-global zone, you could have that zone put down a file system. But what is the advantage of doing that from the NGZ?

Regarding VxFS, the lingering question is support for directio to a VxFS file system from a NGZ. I don't know if Veritas supports that yet.

Deciding this stuff is a trade-off being simplicity and flexibility. Does you NGZ user really need the Vxyz functionality from within that zone so that the NGZ administrator now needs Vxyz knowledge? Or is it sufficient to have only the GZ admin(s) have that skill set, full oversight, and burden? At this time the two might be the same admin(s), but what about in the future?


Does anyone have any information on this.


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