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I have a customer using SOL 10 1/06 on a development box, needs to control Hardware resource allocation for software licensing. Wants to create container/zone, with a separate /var. Also wants to know about shared packages for creating minimal or sparse zone. Using VxVM and Vxfs, needs to know if using vxvm vxfs in non-global zone causes any issues.

Does anyone have any information on this.

resource capping are explained in the following by Menno Lageman
and docs.sun.com at

Not clear what you meant by shared packages, basically one can create a sparse root zone, and that is the smallest zone in terms of size/footprint on the system that is possible. As such with some exception all the global zones package will get installed in the non global zone ( at least all ON related will anyway ). Some application software packages such as JES ( Java Enterprise System) will only install onthe global zone and will not get propogated into nany future or presnet non global zones, but that is different.

As an aside you coudl perhaps add the zones packages to a minimal cluster say SUNWCreq
I can provide a list of packgaes to add.
But you would need to test that that meets all your application needs.

If using a seperate /var please ensure that 119254-31/119155-31 is installed, this is the patch utilites patch and is needed to patch zopnes with a seperate /var in single user mode.

As for vxfs, it is all good, the only possible issue is upgrade, if the zone's rootpath is on the vxfs. Nedd someone to clarify that.

otherwise if the zones data is on vxfs then it will all be ok.



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