Ivan Buetler wrote:
Is this true for OpenSolaris? My experience: I was trying to upgrade from "SunOS 5.11 snv_28" to "SunOS 5.11 snv_54" where my NGZ zone roots were set to a zfs mount point like below:

zpool               93.8G  40.1G    26K  /zpool
zpool/zones         3.50G  40.1G  1.68G  /zpool/zones

Upgrading to SNV_54 did not work for me (CD|DVD|Live-Upgrade). The install procedure was cancelled after it came to the NGZ ZFS setup part. However - I was enforced to to a full re-install of the whole OS. By this time, I decided to have an OS independent application setup: I decided to leave all my Non-Solaris apps within the following structure:

zpool               93.8G  40.1G    26K  /zpool
zpool/applic        2.40G  40.1G  2.40G  /zpool/applic
zpool/bin            108M  40.1G   108M  /zpool/bin
zpool/data           644M  40.1G   644M  /zpool/data
zpool/logs          1.03G  40.1G  1.03G  /zpool/logs

This means, Apache, Tomcat, Bind DNS, Postfix, MySQL, Berkeley-DB, ... was installed using a prefix (e.g. ./configure --prefix=/zpool/applic/named)

This gives me some independencies to the core OS located in /sbin; /usr/bin, ...

After I moved all my apps into my own prefix path (ZFS mount poing), I did another full reinstall of the OS, where I found out that I should have backed up some files from the core OS before. Especially I should have backed up the following files from the GZ and all NGZ.
a) /etc/hosts, /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/nsswitch.conf, /etc/resolv.conf
b) /etc/hostname.XX, c) /etc/init.d/startup-scripts (my own releases)

After I did another full setup (not upgrading), I created the zones using the famous zonemgr script and brought back all applications by just mounting the /zpool/applic/path into the NGZ path. This way, I was pretty fast in upgrading the whole system to a new Nevada build, even upgrading would be the preferred solution to me. I do not know if I with SNV_54, another upgrade from SNV_54 to SNV_55 is supported by OpenSolaris. That is why this thread is of interest to me.


I am not sure if I completely understand your configuration, but you
can upgrade a system with zones that have delegated zfs datasets or
where you just used lofs mounts to mount the zfs filesystems into the
zone.  This would apply when all you have is data or non-Solaris pkgs
installed in the zfs filesystems.  Since the upgrade code does not
have to discover and mount the zfs filesystems to perform the upgrade
of the OS, this type of configuration works fine.  We would have to
see your actual zonecfg info to be sure that you haven't set things
up in a way that would prevent the upgrade though.

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