hi Octave, thanks much for the comments.

However, I think there's a need to take a few steps back...

The requirements you list are things that seems to me to be: once we have decided that we want an NFS server in a zone, these are important things that should be true of the delivered product.

But I'm not yet seeing clear reasons for *why* we want an NFS server in a zone. I'm certainly not saying that we don't want this, I just want to fully understand the need for it.

scrap projects. Probably the most common idea for having a zone NFS
server is for Jumpstart or home directories. As things stand today,
it's not doable.

Right, but these things are easily done (of course) using a server in the global zone: what advantages do we gain by putting the server in a local zone?

I think the key requirements would be:

1. Full NFS server functionality within a zone. So things like share,
/etc/dfs/dfstab, sharemgr, ZFS sharing, etc. should work in the same
manner as they do in the global zone.

Yes, this would definitely be a delivery requirement for this project, but it doesn't sound like a justification for it.

2. Security. Separation of NFS namespace to insure proper security
between zones.

I'm not sure I quite understand this. Would you please expand?

3. Performance. NFS serving out of a zone should not be slower or less
scalable than NFS serving from the global zone.

Indeed, this would be an important delivery requirement, of course.

thanks again for your comments.

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