Phil Freund wrote:
When is it necessary to patch whole root zones directly?

I was trying to make sure that I had all of my zones ready to be updated
with DST patch 122034-04 so I made sure to install patch utilities patch
119254-34 on all of the global zones. I never thought to install it on the
whole root zones separately.

However, after applying kernel patch 118833-36 and the DST 122034-04 patch
yesterday, I find that although all of the sparse zones show 118833-36 as
being applied, none of the whole root zones do.

In checking out possible reasons, I looked to make sure that 119254-34 was
installed in the whole root zones and found that it was not. I'm guessing
that is why 118833-36 doesn't show as installed (and in fact doesn't appear
to have been installed in the whole root zones based on missing changes in
a script in /lib/svc/method). However, 122034-04 applied fine to both whole
and sparse zones and shows up correctly with showrev -p commands.

What am I missing?

What tool are you using to check patch revisions?

A bug was reported (and fixed) in showrev recently. The workaround is to use "patchadd -p".

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