Rodney and all:

Thanks all for all the input.

Rodney, you have some great ideas for an RFE.

Edna, you are correct that the same issue exists on tiered, physical servers, but as Rodney points out, this is typically solved by "manual operator intervention". My question was if anything existed within the zones framework that I could use and leave "autoboot=true". The answer is no.

For my real-world situation, I had to come up with a solution in about 1/2 of a day, so we used /etc/rc scripts with sleep intervals to fit the environment and with zone autoboot=false.

Note that the shutdown needed to be ordered as well and I had to use an appropriate sleep interval to allow all the zones to go to "installed" state before the "svc:/system/zones:default" service tried to shut them down as well. Yes, an svc service with dependencies would have been more elegant...

I think an RFE is in order and should have critical priority to be implemented sometime after we achieve world peace :-)


Rodney Lindner wrote:
Hi Renaud,
I like that as it does not break any thing else, but may catch some people out in the future when zones autoboot that they were not expecting based on the zone XML. And best of all it works now. I was thinking of a RFE on how to add this feature. I came up with two ideas and I would like to socialize them, to see what people think.

RFE: To be able to specify the boot order of a zone.
Method 1: (SMF mod only)
Modify the smf svc:/system/zones service to look for a file (say /etc/zonesbootorder). If it is present it will boot the zones in the order the appear in the file and the move on to boot any remaining zones in any order.

Method2: (Enhance zones XML properties and rewrite SMF zones service)
Add an additional(optional) property to zones XML which contains a numerical value for startorder (0-64K). The SMF service then starts the zone by lowest startorder value first (1-64k). Two zones have the same value means we don't care which one starts first. I would suggest we also define 0 as "don't care"

Comments welcome.

The precedence of starting application in a multi tier environment has always been a big issue and is normally solved by manual operator intervention. This feature would alleviate that and be a compelling reason to move to zones.

Rodney Lindner

Renaud Manus wrote:
I would not disable svc:/system/zones service because it can still be used to start and stop zones that do not depend on other zones. On
the contrary, I would make the newly created services also dependent
on svc:/system/zones and make sure the zones that need to start in a
specific order have autoboot set to false.

-- Renaud

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Hi Paul,

The only way I can think of create your own services in the global zone that will do a zoneadm -z zonename boot and have these service depend on each other. You then have to disable the svc:/system/zones service which is used to boot all zones during system boot.

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