Detlef Ulherr - Sun Availability Engineering Germany - Frankfurt writes:
> There are many famous apaplication servers in the field which have to be 
> restarted whne the underlying database is restarted.
> The Oracle Application server is one of them. I agree with you this is a 
> crappy design, but we are not in the ideal world.

So, should we design the system around "crappy" designs or good ones?

> In the clustering space, we are very well aware of this issue. 
> BTW this problem can be soloved very easy in  single node cluster on 
> standalone system. with the features of Solaris Cluster this is a nobrainer. 
> We can even have dependencies between smf services across zones.

I agree there's likely a real need for this.  I'm just wary that it'll
leak into places where it's _not_ the right answer.

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