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Rich Teer writes:
> On Thu, 8 Mar 2007, Rodney Lindner wrote:
> > RFE: To be able to specify the boot order of a zone.
> > Method 1: (SMF mod only)
> > Modify the smf svc:/system/zones service to look for a file (say
> > /etc/zonesbootorder). If it is present it will boot the zones in the order 
> > the
> > appear in the file and the move on to boot any remaining zones in any order.
> > 
> > Method2: (Enhance zones XML properties and rewrite SMF zones service)
> > Add an additional(optional) property to zones XML which contains a numerical
> > value for startorder (0-64K). The SMF service then starts the zone by lowest
> > startorder value first (1-64k). Two zones have the same value means we don't
> > care which one starts first. I would suggest we also define 0 as "don't 
> > care"
> I think this is a great idea!  Method 2 strikes me as being the cleanest,
> most elegant solution.

No, there is another solution, which is cleaner and more elegant:

What's being proposed above is a solution to the desire to have the
"application zone" wait for the "database zone" to come up.
The solution needs a detection of whether it has come up.
Once we've solved that, the next request will pop up:  Someone will
say: "That's nice, but I have a dependant zone which doesn't need the
first one to be in multi-user mode.  I can already start when it's
in an earlier stage.  How do I do that?"

And there you can see the answer:  The clean thing to do is not to
add another abstraction (e.g. /etc/zones/boot_order), but to use
FMRIs referring to other zones or even remote hosts or zones on remote
hosts.  And our SMF engineering friends obviously already thought
about that, as you can see when looking at this FMRI:


You don't usually see the localhost part, but it can be used, and
being able to put something else in there would be nice.

So let's foget /etc/zones/boot_order and implement dependencies
between services on different OpenSolaris instances.

(Something like a cluster.  I think the Sun Cluster people and the
Sun SMF people have most likely already discussed that, at least
during coffee break...)

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