James Carlson writes:
> Rainer J. H. Brandt writes:
> > And there you can see the answer:  The clean thing to do is not to
> > add another abstraction (e.g. /etc/zones/boot_order), but to use
> > FMRIs referring to other zones or even remote hosts or zones on remote
> > hosts.  And our SMF engineering friends obviously already thought
> > about that, as you can see when looking at this FMRI:
> I also don't think that having another abstraction is right, however I
> don't think the FMRI approach is right either.
> Once you get this boot ordering issue down, you'll ask about what to
> do when services inside one zone fail or are restarted and those
> outside the zone can't 'see' the change.  So, why isn't this just an
> exercise in proper application design, and why are zones necessarily
> special here?

They aren't.  I think I should have changed the subject line.
(I've done that now.)  And probably switched to another mail list.
(SMF? I hesitated because I hate cross-posting.)

I wasn't just talking about boot order.  That probably wasn't clear.
That's just one of the many problems that could be solved by what I
suggested.  And that was SMF across machines, which is what a cluster
or a Service Oriented Architecture is about, and which is what we
almost have with SMF.  A real thing instead of all this marketing buzz
around SOA.

I mean this:

    <dependency name='my-great-database' type='service'
        grouping='require_all' restart_on='none'>
      <service_fmri value='svc://dbhost/application/postgresql' />

Wouldn't that be nice?

Do you see that attribute "restart_on"?
No, I won't ask the question that you mentioned up where I added the
[***] comment.  I already know how to to that with SMF.

So, should we move this to the SMF list?  Or forget it?
(As I said, there are most likely people who have thought about this.)

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