On 4/21/07, Sean Sprague <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Which process did you try to kill?  1919 or 1956?  Normally killing
> 1919 would cause 1956 to go away.  Is 1919 in some state that it can't
> be killed?

I guess that 1956 could be preap'd as well. I am more used to seeing <defunct> 
processes owned by init...

Regards... Sean.

I would also expect that 1956 could be preap'd.  However, in order for
the zone to go down 1919 also needs to go away.  Having 1956's parent
(1919) go away could change things enough that 1919 is automatically
reaped the normal way and the zone can go down.


Mike Gerdts
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