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I would choose 50%. For >3 zones, 75% doesn't accomplish enough. At 50%, they will (hopefully) investigate the performance issue and be happily surprised when they learn they've been using a default value...

I'm not too keen to have defaults that could affect performance on
systems running a normal load. As long as it only gets enabled when you
ask for default RM, then I'm not too worried.

Here we have a difficult non-technical decision to make.  Which is 'better':

1) No "out-of-the-box" controls - the current situation. The unsuspecting zone creator will unwittingly allow DoS attacks by zones until it becomes clear that RM controls should be used, either through education or a negative experience. Possible solutions to this include
  A) One "enable-RM" knob which applies defaults that can be overridden
  B) Templates that have default RM controls
  C) Others

2) Out-of-the-box controls: all zones have default RM controls unless the creator overrides those controls. These values would be generous enough to prevent DoS attacks and the effects of very badly written software, but not affect most workloads, as Mads suggests. Templates could also be added to enable simple RM tuning.

To me, (1) doesn't solve the problem that I think we need to solve. I am trying to protect the first-time and occasional zones creators. As Jerry said, "RM is a requirement for zones." At the same time, I am trying to minimize any impact on normal workloads.

By default zones provide an extremely robust security boundary to protect them from each other. Why do they not also provide some default minimum RM isolation, for the same reason?

If we have consensus on the basic idea of "out-of-the-box defaults," I think I have seen enough on this thread to draft specifics - modifications to the UI, what the defaults would be, etc. Are we ready for that yet?

Further, if that concept gets far enough, I would like to implement the changes as an OpenSolaris community member. I would need some guidance on the process, but can handle the code work.

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