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I think fundamentally we hear from two camps: those who want to
proportionally partition whatever resources are available, and those who
want to see the system as "virtual 512MB Ultra-2's" or "virtual 1GB,
1ghz PCs."

The typical scenario I see is that an ISV gives a recommendation like
"V120 with 1 GB of RAM or better".  It is then up to the end user to
figure how big of a slice of a T2000 or x4600 that is.

Using NDA information from Sun I can do this translation accurately
enough for my needs.  Each machine in my environment is capable of
handling somewhere between 4 and several hundred "Zone Power Units" -
ZPUs.  It makes the communication of relative server compute power
very easy among those familiar with the scheme used.

Providing open access to this information across Sun's product line
and opening up the computation methods to allow others to "benchmark"
other systems would be very helpful.  Perhaps in the future ISV's
would say more meaningful things like "1 - 8 threads with at least 17
ZPUs and 6 GB RAM."


Mike Gerdts
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