On Thu 10 May 2007 at 04:21PM, Jerry Jelinek wrote:
> of the other controls is trickier although I think Dan's idea of scaling
> these based on the system makes it easier.  We might also want to think
> about scaling based on the number of running zones.

Another way to look at it (and I think what you are saying) would be to
broaden the notion of "shares" a bit to include more of the system
resources-- for example, memory.  What's tough there, though, is that
our notion of shares today represent an entitlement, and the case of
memory, we're talking about a cap on utilization.

I think fundamentally we hear from two camps: those who want to
proportionally partition whatever resources are available, and those who
want to see the system as "virtual 512MB Ultra-2's" or "virtual 1GB,
1ghz PCs."


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