F.V.(Phil)Porcella wrote:
HI, questions for you.
So far I have seen two examples of configurations for the zonepath value
1 zonepath=/zones/[zone_name]  effectively putting the zone on the / mountpoint
2 zonepath=/export/home/[zone_name] putting it on the /export/home mountpoint.

Is / the recommended location for the zonepath home, or is there some reason 
for it to be placed under root?

Is it recommended that the zonepath value NOT be a separate mount point?

thank you.
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Well having all your zones in root is not a good idea,
lots of competition with root filesystem for I/O and the likes which is not best practice.

best to configure the zones on say /export where export is an SVM concatenation or the like of a large number of disks say ( perhaps a JBOD/ HW Raid Array or the like ), to give best IO performance etc.


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