I agree with Jerry.  To expand on that further:

1) The default directory for ZFS pools is /pool. /zones is somewhat analogous to that default. Consistency is good.

2) I use /zones for simplicity and clarity. On demo systems /zones is usually a directory in the / file system because I/O bandwidth doesn't matter and everything is in the root file system, so why complicate things? On production systems it is usually a separate file system unless the goal of a zone isn't consolidation.

Also, I use /zones/roots to store the zones (e.g. zonepath=/zones/roots/myzone) and /zones/cfgs to store files that contain the zonecfg information when the zone is first created. Those are not Sun's Best Practice, but they are Jeff's. :-)

Jerry Jelinek wrote:
F.V.(Phil)Porcella wrote:
Hi Edna,
OK so having the zoneroot be under / is NOT required, (thank you), and from what you said, having it on its own mount point is NOT a problem. If fact, you indicate that having the zones under /export may be the best practice.

I think having zones on a separate filesystem from / is a best
practice.  Putting them in /export does not seem like a best
practice since there is no reason to export zones.  Because
of the permissions on the zonepath you can't access them unless
you are root on the local host.  Also, there is no way to simply
look at a zonepath string and guess if it is in the root filesystem
or not.  From your example, /zones might be its own filesystem that is
mounted on /zones.

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