Hi Folks,
to recap I asked about NFS mounting /export/home from GZ to NGZ on the same 
box, using:
> 1 add inherit-pkg-dir
> 2 add fs (lofs)
> OR
> 3 nfs mount /export/home from the global zone, to the NGS (CIS2) later on.

(Christine said)
No. 3 is definitely out. You can't have an NGZ nfs-mount something from
the GZ on the same box. Bug. No. 1 is out if you want users in your
NGZ to be able to write into those home dirs. inherit-pkg-dir is read-only.

***I'm suprised about that bug, I thought nfs-mounted user directories
***were at least not uncommon.  It looks like an lofs file system 
***may be about the best I can do from within zonecfg.

(Jeff said)
Why do you want to do that? Each zone has its own namespace. Unless you are
using a network-based directory service, this means that each zone has
separate user accounts. If the zones are sharing one /export/home, you must
ensure that the user names and userID's are unique among the zones.

***OK, we are going to migrate our main academic (student) server
(acad) from an old Ultra Enterprise 3000 to a newer SunFire V245.  
We also have an Ultra 10 box (cis) used for networking class and 
would like to 'zone' that up in the new V245 (acad).  
People in the networking class have root access on cis (that stand-alone 
box) and we feel having that in a 'zone' is a better idea.

Since most users login using ldap, I was thinking 'why not just use 
the same home dir?'  thus my question about nfs mounting (which we 
already do on a few stand alone boxes).  The mountpoint we nfs-mount
presently comes from acad (old Enterprise 3000).

Perhaps it would be easier just to create the home directories for those
students in the zone as required.

Thank you all for the help, warnings and ideas,

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