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Dick Davies wrote:
> On 19/09/2007, Steffen Weiberle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>On ZFS, with Nevada, a snapshot and then clone is created, so it
>>is very fast.
> That's also the case in Solaris 10 update 4, I believe.

That is not my experience, and I just tried it on build 12 (not 
GA version), and it did not create a ZFS snapshot nor a clone of 
that snapshot. This partial ZFS list shows the difference between 
S10 and Nevada. I just cloned a zone who's zonepath is in /zones. 
You will see an old clone done with NV 60 still in the pool.

# zfs list
NAME                                       USED  AVAIL  REFER 
mypool                                    77.5G  24.9G  2.45G 
mypool/data                               52.9G  24.9G  1.11G 
mypool/data/iso                           51.8G  24.9G  51.8G 
mypool/jumpstart                          21.3G  24.9G  21.3G 
mypool/zones-nv60-070320                   529M  24.9G  27.5K 
mypool/zones-nv60-070320/zone186          15.4M  24.9G   520M 
mypool/zones-nv60-070320/zoneX             514M  24.9G   511M 
mypool/zones-nv60-070320/[EMAIL PROTECTED]  2.53M      -   512M  -
mypool/zones-s10u4b12                      228M  24.9G   228M  /zones

# ls -l /zones
total 9
drwx------   4 root     root           4 Aug  9 11:47 zone-shared
drwx------   4 root     root           4 Aug  9 11:01 zone1
drwx------   5 root     root           5 Sep 19 10:11 zone2

zone2 is a clone of zone-shared

# zoneadm list -cv
   ID NAME             STATUS     PATH 
    0 global           running    / 
native   shared
    - zone1            installed  /zones/zone1 
native   excl
    - zone-shared      installed  /zones/zone-shared 
native   shared
    - zone2            installed  /zones/zone2 
native   shared


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