If zones are detached, they are ignored while patching. So if symantec
implemeted the detach attach approach the patching situation will get
worse over time, even if you created 2 zones. on w nodes. Forget one
time to attach a zone manually before patching, and you may get into
trouble. If you are really out of luck you will notice the problems
months after the patching.

Sun Cluster 3.2 has a different approach to solve this issue. It treats
zones as virtual nodes and the will be up and running all the time. You
switch the application between the zones. Another advantage here is that
nearly all of the Sun cluster agents are supported to run in zones.

Anderson, Ryan C (US SSA) wrote:
> You do not need to create two separate copies of zones. You can
> accomplish zone failover between nodes on SAN-attached disk with the
> Zone VCS agent on VCS 4.1 and 5.0. You can import non-global zones onto
> all VCS nodes that have an /etc/zones/index entry as well as the same
> /etc/zones/<zonename>.xml as eachother. Symantec told me they will be
> adding a proper detach/attach into 5.x. When they first made the VCS
> Zone agent, there was no such functionality in Solaris, but it has been
> now since Solaris 10 update 3. You can contact me off-list if you would
> like more specifics.
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> So basically today it sounds like we'll still need to build 2 seperate
> zones on each physical server for failover purposes.  Especially in
> patching situations where I see this is the only workaround, unless
> someone has devised a way to only have one zone built and failed over
> via a SAN volume on each physical node and patching would not be an
> issue.
> I can't seem to find anything in the VCS 5.0 documentation that includes
> the attach/detach commands only some discussions that say this may be
> included some time in the near future.  I'm assuming this is the same
> with SUN cluster 3.
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