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> So basically today it sounds like we'll still need to build 2
> seperate zones on each physical server for failover purposes.
> Especially in patching situations where I see this is the only
> workaround, unless someone has devised a way to only have one zone
> built and failed over via a SAN volume on each physical node and
> patching would not be an issue.

This sounds like the case until you zone update on attach[1] written
and integrated.

1. http://mail.opensolaris.org/pipermail/install-discuss/2007-June/004625.html

> I can't seem to find anything in the VCS 5.0 documentation that
> includes the attach/detach commands only some discussions that say
> this may be included some time in the near future.  I'm assuming
> this is the same with SUN cluster 3.

Veritas Application Director (VAD) - does attach/detach.  This is a
new product for those times where a 32-node peer-to-peer cluster does
not quite do the job.  It uses agents that look just like VCS agents
and are apparently a fork from the VCS 5 agents.  I would expect that
at some point these will sync back up.

FWIW, creating the zone on the other machine can be relatively easy:

node2# scp node1:/etc/zones/fazone.xml /etc/zones/tmp.xml
node1# zoncfg -z fazone
create -t tmp
node1# hagrp -offline fazone
node1# zoneadm -z fazone detach
node1# cd /zones
node1# tar cvf /tmp/fazone.tar fazone
node1# zoneadm -z fazone attach
node1# hagrp -online fazone
node2# scp node2:/tmp/fazone.tar /tmp
node2# cd /zones
node2# tar xvf /tmp/fazone.tar
node2# rm /tmp/fazone.tar
node1# rm /tmp/fazone.tar
node2# zoneadm -z fazone attach

The one thing to verify is that VCS creates some sort of an account
(in their security system, not the OS) and stores the credentials in
the zone.  This is needed if you want to run ha* commands from within
the zone.  You may need to fix these up - or not.  So far I haven't
had a lot of need for running ha* commands in zones, but I'm sure some
day I will come across an agent that needs it.


Mike Gerdts
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