Antonello Cruz wrote:
> I would definitely run
> zonecfg -z int-sagent-1-z1 info
> to check what the zone thinks is the netmask.

Doesn't display a netmask.

> I suspect if you haven't defined the '/24' it will pick the default for 
> the address class. In this case, '/16' IIRC.
> Sometimes documentation gets old...

Sure seems like a bug.

>>> Did you use, in zonecfg:
>>> zonecfg:int-sagent-1-z1:net> set address=
>>> ?
>> No, no "/24".  (I see how that could affect the picture, but it seems 
>> like /etc/netmasks should work too, and the message certainly suggests 
>> it.)

Actually, I just remembered that I didn't specify the address this way. 
  I used "set address=int-sagent-1-z1".  (I don't like using IP 
addresses when I don't absolutely have to.)

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