Jordan Brown (Sun) writes:
> OTOH, I don't immediately understand how the example can work.  It says 
> that 128.32.*.* (except for the exclusions) gets a 24-bit netmask, but I 
> don't see how that can be unambiguously determined.  The example *seems* 
> to want to explicitly specify a 28-bit netmask for several ranges and a 
> 24-bit netmask for the rest, but how can it distinguish between 
> requesting that 128.32.*.* is all 24-bit and requesting that 128.32.0.* 
> is all 24-bit?  (For that matter, why isn't it specifying that 
> 128.001?????.*.* is 24-bit?)

It doesn't always work very well, which is why I generally recommend
against /etc/netmasks.  It may have been an ok interface 20 years ago,
but with CIDR, it's mostly a defect looking for a place to happen.

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