> zoneadm: zone 'int-sagent-1-z1': WARNING: bge0:1: no matching subnet
> found in netmasks(4) for; using default of
> but my /etc/netmasks (on both the global and local zone) looks good:

What does the "netmasks" entry in /etc/nsswitch.conf say?  A common
issue is that a user changes their local /etc/netmasks file but their
the switch says to use something like "nis".

> (I also tried on the theory that maybe it wanted me to set 
> the netmask for the entire Class B, but no dice.)

Actually, that's exactly what you should be using in your local
/etc/netmasks entry.  Although I do suggest that specifying the prefix
length (such as /24) via zonecfg(1M) is the best solution.

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