Robert Milkowski writes:
> Hello Zoram,
> Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 9:41:13 AM, you wrote:
> ZT> IIRC, you need to have ip-type=exclusive to have DHCP work in a 
> ZT> non-global zone. Currently ce doesn't support exclusive IP stack, but I
> ZT> remember seeing an RFE somewhere that'd allow exclusive/ce combo.
> ZT> Perhaps this has already been fixed in Open Solaris, I'm not sure.
> IIRC someone from Sun wrote some time ago it won't rather happen
> (GLDv3 version of ce) - unfortunately.

I think you're confusing two things.

One is the conversion of 'ce' to GLDv3.  That might or might not
happen -- I know of at least one person who is quite interested in it,
but I don't know whether the work will get done.  Given the number of
... special ... features in that driver, it'd be an interesting job to
say the least.

The other is the support of the ioctls necessary for assignment of
links to a zone, which is needed to support the "exclusive IP stack"
feature, and the tweaks to zoneadmd to make it work.  This *HAS* been
done and is on a path for release.

In S10 currently, the only framework that supports the feature is
GLDv3, which is why the "exclusive IP stack" is tied to GLDv3 support.
But non-GLDv3 drivers can also be modified (with some difficulty) to
support the feature, and that's what's being done for 'ce.'

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