Ihsan Zaghmouth writes:
> James Carlson wrote:
> There is an interesting support issue for Trunking and/or Aggregation 
> that needs to be addressed
> to support of ce and ge by GLDV3.


> Solaris Trunking 1.3 does support ce and ge, unlike Solaris 10 
> Aggregation (dladm).
> Since dladm is the focus for future network administration among all the 
> other features & builtin for supporting IP-instances,
> where Aggregation is a sub function of, isn't it prudent to be strategic 
> reason to push for the support of ce and ge by GLDV3 ?

That'd be one good way to do it.  The other way is via Clearview's UV
"shim" layer, which will eventually make legacy DLPI devices appear to
be GLDv3 drivers.

I'd rather see these old drivers ported over to the new framework, but
that's a cost/benefit analysis that others (partly the maintainers of
the driver) need to make.  (And, unfortunately, many of these old
drivers are closed-source, so it's harder to find people to help out.)

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