> If you don't explicitly bind a preferred address to use (most
 > applications do not), then the kernel will choose an address for you.
 > With UDP, this happens on a packet-by-packet basis.

Really?  I'd expect the first packet to a given destination to construct
an IRE cache entry, and then for future packets to go through the fastpath
in udp_send_data(), which will then set the source address consistently
from ire_src_addr:

        if (src == INADDR_ANY && !connp->conn_unspec_src) {
                if (CLASSD(dst) && !(ire->ire_flags & RTF_SETSRC))
                        ipha->ipha_src = ipif->ipif_src_addr;
-->                     ipha->ipha_src = ire->ire_src_addr;

        if (ipif != NULL)

        udp_xmit(connp->conn_wq, mp, ire, connp, connp->conn_zoneid);

Of course, the IRE will have IRE_MARK_TEMPORARY set, so the IRE may not
last *all* that long, but source address selection shouldn't occur on a
packet-by-packet basis.

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